Candidate rejection template

Notify a candidate that their application has been unsuccessful and request feedback on the recruitment process.

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Rejecting candidates can be tough, but with a video-based candidate rejection letter you can build trust and receive candidate feedback while keeping the interaction personable.



The first step in this videoask lets candidates know that they won’t be moving forward in the recruitment process. Candidates can then decide if they’d like to give feedback about the recruitment process by selecting the appropriate multiple-choice answer.


Get feedback

Candidates who choose to give feedback are taken to an NPS® answer type step, where they’re asked how likely they are to recommend a friend to apply for a role at your company. They can choose from a scale of 1-10.



Candidates who select 8 or above are taken to a thank you step that redirects to your other job listings. If they select 7 or below, they’re asked to share more feedback via video, audio, or text.


Can I share my video rejection letter by email?

Yes, this videoask can serve as your candidate rejection email template. Once your videoask is ready, you can choose to embed it as an email for one person (with personalized contact details filled in) or for multiple people.

Can I use this as an interview candidate feedback template?

Why should I use a video rejection letter?

How can candidates give feedback about the recruitment process?

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